Want to go into space?

January 10, 2013 at 7:17 pm

spa ce

Here is our chance to go into space.

Lynx is offering the opportunity to go on board with Russian Cosmonauts.  They are looking for 4 people who will compete for the chance.  Each person must be at least 21 and be in good health.

Here is what Buzz Aldrin says:

‘I’m thrilled that Lynx is giving the young people of today such an extraordinary opportunity to experience some of what I’ve encountered in space.’

Top-voted candidates will qualify for the Lynx Space Academy challenge weekend, held this summer, where they will face physical and mental NASA-style tests

I am going to start building a test pad at my location.  I found a company (Affordable Asphalt) to pave the area.  I am going to need only 60,000 square feet to launch my rocket.  I currently have only my “bedroom”, so if anyone has the rest of the land, let me know please.